Hi! I'm Clint Burkholder, Fort Collins Real Estate Agent.

 I'm absolutely passionate about Fort Collins and surrounding areas. It's been my beloved home for over a decade, and I couldn't imagine living anywhere else.

When I'm not assisting clients with real estate, you'll often find me leading captivating ghost tours in the historic Old Town. It's a fantastic way to share the city's unique and fascinating history. And if you happen to spot a painted piano around town, it may be one of my contributions to our vibrant community through art!

As a proud parent of three wonderful children, I understand the importance of finding a home where your family can truly flourish. From family-friendly parks and playgrounds to engaging activities and events, I've got you covered. Let's find the perfect home where you and your children can make lasting memories and embrace the warmth of this incredible community.

And let me tell you, the natural beauty surrounding us is simply awe-inspiring. Whether it's the majestic Rocky Mountains or the peaceful lakes, this area never fails to fill me with inspiration and gratitude.

I'd be honored to be your guide in finding your dream home in this amazing area that holds a special place in my heart. Together, we'll turn Northern Colorado into your very own sweet home. So let's embark on this exciting journey together!

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